Frau Amy's World
Podcast 2011

Do you listen to your Inner Creative? That voice you can't REASON away? What if you let yourself pay attention? Author, Master Certified Life Coach & Writing Mentor, Amy Hallberg shares Conversation with Real-Life Creatives on how we find (and follow) our Callings. Plus episodes with Story in Spotlight.

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    Puzzles & Walls: Story in Spotlight

    Amy Hallberg muses on Puzzles, Signs, and her Teenage Perspective on Walls. It's a winding path, but she's going somewhere. Come along.

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    An MD finds her Magic

    Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, Board Certified Pathologist-turned-Shaman, shares how she came to write The Book of Beasties.

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    A Preview of Frau Amy's World

    Welcome to Frau Amy's World: A look inside my story, and the question I'm asking with every episode.

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